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Groups and Community Sites for Educational Institutions

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Discussion Boards

Create discussion boards for your student groups



Create customized wikis specific for each group


Notice Boards

Create news boards and announcement for your groups

User Lists

View your group members in a fully searchable list



Communicate publicly or privately with members of your group


Share content with your group members publicly or privately

How does it work?

Sign Up for your group site and a microsite will be created for you automatically.

How do I create Groups?

Easy! Just click on Create a Group and you can personalize each group to your liking.

Set a group photo, control privacy settings, and invite members to join your new Group when you’re ready.

How many Groups can I create?

The only limit to the amount of Groups you can create is the amount of storage available on the site.

Upgrading to a Premium account will give you tons more space to work with.

What else can I do?
  • Write blog posts
  • Create announcements
  • Create group discussion boards
  • Create Wikis
  • Send messages to your group members

And so much more!

But why?

This site was created for educators, facilitators, and students who are in need of a group communication solution for their upcoming projects, courses, modules, so that you may:

  • Keep in touch with your educators and fellow members
  • Be part of an online community with similar learning objectives
  • Stay up to date with current and future happenings within your learning community
  • Never be left out (even though you’re a wallflower)


How much does it cost?
  • Free Sites won’t cost you anything, however you might face a storage limit if your Groups become too huge